68V Strategic Alliances

68 Ventures participates in a variety of investments outside of its core operations. While the bulk of these investments pertain to the real estate industry, we also place money in operating businesses, participate in private equity deals, and arrange short term financing. We are always interested in exploring ideas with others in which we can add value.

Your 68 makes you tick.

Your 68 drives you to do the things you do.

In short, your 68 makes you strive to be better.

Your 68 is derived from the jersey number worn by hockey legend Jaromir Jagr during his illustrious career.

Jagr’s grandfather was killed in 1968 during the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, so he wore the number 68 to honor his grandfather and his entire country every time he took the ice. Jagr was great because he didn’t play for money or medals – he played for his family and his country.

We take great pride in challenging not only one another, but also everyone we work with to seek out, identify and pursue their own 68.