Vision 2020

  • 68 Ventures
  • Truland
  • Bellator
  • 68V Development Services
  • Thrive
  • 68 Ventures

    As purpose-driven, servant leaders, we will transform the way we live and work through the unrelenting pursuit of becoming our best selves, while inspiring those around us to do the same. Along our journey, we will build successful enterprises to create a story worth telling.

  • Truland Homes

    We will close a total of 1,500 homes by 2020 as the market leader for superior homes and a distinctive buying experience. Owning a Truland Home will make a statement that our customers are anything but ordinary.

  • Bellator Real Estate & Development

    We will be the most agent focused real estate brand and the recognized market leader through a relentless commitment to our values and elevated standards of excellence.

  • 68V Development Services

    We will deliver 6,000 finished lots on time and under budget, and become the Gulf Coast market leader for single family residential development through our client advocacy and excellence in execution.

  • Thrive Title

    We will become the market leader by providing secure, transparent transactions for our customers, ever working to make each closing easier than the one before.