Bellator Real Estate & Development

Bellator Real Estate & Development is a full-service real estate company dedicated to providing its agents and their clients with the experience, leadership, and tools necessary to successfully navigate the local real estate market. Thanks to its more than 180 agents across seven offices, Bellator closed over $571,000,000 in residential and commercial sales in 2018, ranking Bellator the No. 1 real estate firm along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Bellator has closed more than $2.7 billion in transactions since its founding in 2008. 

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Your 68 makes you tick.

Your 68 drives you to do the things you do.

In short, your 68 makes you strive to be better.

Your 68 is derived from the jersey number worn by hockey legend Jaromir Jagr during his illustrious career.

Jagr’s grandfather was killed in 1968 during the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, so he wore the number 68 to honor his grandfather and his entire country every time he took the ice. Jagr was great because he didn’t play for money or medals – he played for his family and his country.

We take great pride in challenging not only one another, but also everyone we work with to seek out, identify and pursue their own 68.