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God has a plan for our life. In risking more than others think is safe, and dreaming more than others think is practical. In finding our dance floor. It isn’t the critic who counts.

Leadership is a choice, not a title. In grace, all of us are waging a hard battle. We are all a work in progress. Saying yes to one thing is saying no to another. Grit trumps talent. The cost of leadership is self-interest. We can always better our best.

In delivering on what we promise. Choices are more powerful than circumstances. in executing our responsibilities, but not taking ourselves too seriously along the way. We must do what is right, not what is easy. We have to know who we are, or the world will decide for us.

Faith Moves Mountains.
Effort Dictates Success.
Gratitude Changes Everything.
Honor Is The Reward For What We Give.
Courage Crushes Fear.
Commitment Wins.

We must declare who we are going to be, and go be it. There is no substitute for guts. Little is accomplished without joy. Standards are meant to be raised. Humility is non-negotiable. Breaking the rules is necessary. The worst thing we can be is the same as everyone else.

Happiness is someone to love, something to do and something to hope for. Self-care is not selfish. Leaders always eat last. Showing up is the first step to victory. Excuses are the crutch of the uncommitted. You Just do it.

Everything we want in this life is already ours, and the question is whether we are willing to do whatever it takes to earn it. Our journey isn’t meant for everybody.


Our purpose is to see all we can do with all we have been given. We know our 68. There is no better wealth on this planet than to have a positive impact on the lives of others. The credit belongs to the man in the arena. There is no passion to be found in playing small, and living a life less than we are capable of living. Worrying is praying for what we don’t want. Changing the world is burdensome, but it’s worth it.

We only win by helping others flourish. We have to do what we’ve never done to get where we’ve never gone. Mediocrity is mismanagement of our abilities. We take the pain of discipline now over the agony of regret later. Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts. In the toil, we uncover who we are. We recognize the difference between contribution and commitment. Greatness is the maximum utilization of our God given gifts to reach our full potential.

Significance is attained through sacrifice. We demand to be better today than we were yesterday. Progress begets prosperity. There is a price to be paid to secure the blessing. We are willing to surrender what we are for what we can be. Tired means you are close. The idea is not to live forever it is to create something that will. One chance is all we get, but all we need.


Doing more for the world than it did for us. Appreciating triumph is never final and failure is never fatal. Chasing the lion. Knowing the fulfillment of high achievement or at least failing while daring greatly. Fearing only that we won’t become who we were designed to be. Choosing faith over fear. Understanding life isn’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Facing our Goliaths to unlock the David within us. Leading by example.

Praying we were tougher instead of wishing it were easier. Being stronger than our excuses. Spending this life for something that will outlast it. Grasping difficult things take a long time, impossible things take a little longer. Deriving pleasure from the struggle. Realizing we can only be defeated by giving up or dying. Burning the boats. Measuring ourselves not upon dollars we make, but by the lives we have touched. Creating a story worth telling. Fighting the good fight each day so that when we have made our last trip around the sun our odyssey will be judged a success by the only One who matters.

Your 68 makes you tick.

Your 68 drives you to do the things you do.

In short, your 68 makes you strive to be better.

Your 68 is derived from the jersey number worn by hockey legend Jaromir Jagr during his illustrious career.

Jagr’s grandfather was killed in 1968 during the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, so he wore the number 68 to honor his grandfather and his entire country every time he took the ice. Jagr was great because he didn’t play for money or medals – he played for his family and his country.

We take great pride in challenging not only one another, but also everyone we work with to seek out, identify and pursue their own 68.